Highlander Minerals – Our Bath Tonic Range

Restore, clean and calm your skin with our Mineral Bath Tonic range. Enriched in Australian native and organic ingredients, our mineral bath tonic transforms and nourishes your skin.

Infused with mineral rich spring water from Victoria's Central Highlands, the mineral wellness benefits support prevention of moisture loss in the skin.

Bath Tonic range:

  • Contentment
    • AROMA: Rose geranium, Mandarin, Patchouli
    • Created to ground and balance
  • Revive
    • AROMA: Lime, Black Pepper, Rosemary
    • Created to uplift and relax
  • Restore
    • AROMA: Eucalyptus & Mint
    • Created to soothe and revitalise
  • Rest Easy
    • AROMA: Marjoram, Lavender, Lemon
    • Created to calm and relax

Nourish and give your body the care and love it deserves with our Mineral Bath Tonic collection, for dreamy supple and smooth skin.