Our ranges are where the wisdom of water intertwines with alchemy, herbal knowledge, healing waters and modern-day science. Water, the essence of life, holds within it a profound connection to our emotions, intuition, and boundless imagination.

The minerals naturally present in the water used in Highlander Minerals include:

Silica Silica: natural cleansing agent that helps purify the liver. They are also known to strengthen bones, teeth and skin.
Bicarbonates Bicarbonate: aids digestion, balances the ph levels in the stomach, intestines & blood.
Chloride Chloride: for healthy skin, hair and glands.
Sodium Sodium: to maintain the balance of water in the body, preventing stomach ailments.
Magnesium Magnesium: is the body’s natural stress reducer. It strengthens the immune system, controls blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. It is concentrated in the kidneys, bones and muscles.
Calcium Calcium: vital for the growth and functioning of bones and minerals.
Potassium Potassium: is a very significant body mineral, essential for the correct functioning of all cells and nervous tissue and is important for the brain and nervous system.